TOM BRADY AND THOSE CHINESE EYES is a dramedy that deals with sports, race, third-world surgery, and a pair of sparring siblings.

WAKE is a play about family secrets. It debuted in spring 2017 as part of the Port City Playwights' Project's series of staged readings. Aunt Jo is a strong southern matriarch (kind of like my paternal grandmother, after whom I was named), a traditional woman who only wants to set the record straight. Mary, Aunt Jo's niece, is a professional woman who escaped her small Southern town and would rather not look back. The play is set at the conclusion of the wake of Aunt Jo's sister (Mary's mother), where the two women meet in the ladies' room for a fateful conversation. Link to the play here.

SPLAT! was chosen for the 2016 Boston Theater Marathon and produced by Happy Medium Theatre. The play is based on a true story of a college student whose research project on reptiles led to some unexpected findings about our own species. Link to the play here.

DESOLATION ROW (RHYMES WITH POW!) is a farce that pays homage to Bob Dylan, makes fun of Euripides, and uses a laptop as an ashtray. Read it here.

A play that came to me basically out of whole-cloth, like a vision or a dream, is called AMERICAN DREAMS, AMERICAN NIGHTMARES. It also goes by the title DREAMS AS REAL AS BLOOD: A POEM FOR TWO VOICES. In one synopsis I've described it as a meditation, a rift, a riff on the paradox that is the United States. It touches on several lifelong obsessions of mine: war and the (im)possibility of healing from it; a horror of firearms; the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Vietnam and Hiroshima; gospel music; and humans' bizarre relationship to other animals. This is very much a Southern play, an African American play. When I read it I hear it as two intertwining monologues, in the beautiful voices of Southern black elders. Still very much a work in progress, it can be found here.


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